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Equipment Wash


Professional truck and silo cleaning
The gates of the STAG washing hall in Bludenz are open to all transportation companies - whether from the region or from far away. 
The washing hall has two washing bays, which are specifically equipped for cleaning silos and tanks. The five washing heads with a water pressure of up to 50 bar thoroughly remove all dirt and residue from the transported goods. Variable temperature selection and the addition of alkaline solutions or acids make the washing hall extremely flexible when it comes to dealing with all types of residues and hygiene requirements. 
A powerful drying system rounds off the silo’s cleaning process. 
All of the wash programmes are monitored by means of a quality management system and cleaning certificates can thus be documented – for all customer & transporter requirements.



Cleaning of silos and tank vehicles with: 
  • Powdery goods
  • Food
  • Various liquids


No ADR goods
No steam cleaning
Opening hours
Monday – Friday 6.00 am - 6.00pm,
Saturday on request
Udo Scham: +43 5552 64073 28
Ewald Plattner: +43 5552 64073 29