STAG Staubguttransporte – Silo transportation

​STAG Staubguttransporte is a modern logistics service provider focusing on national and international silo transportation as well as container trucking. In the transportation of bulk goods of all kinds, STAG has established itself as a partner of numerous companies in Central Europe for many years.

STAG transportation solutions are top-quality integrated packages tailored to individual customer requirements.

​National and international transport 

The transportation of all goods and the trucking of containers are conducted with a modern fleet, the latest equipment and highly qualified personnel. Logistics services provided by STAG and its subsidiaries within Europe range from Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland to France, Hungary and Czechia. ​

Silo Transportation

  • Short-haul silo transportation: Cement and construction material transportation for local industry
  • Long-haul silo transportation: Bulk goods and silo transportation - Focus on heavy goods


  • Container-Trucking: Neutral trucker out of the Bludenz and Wolfurt terminals Partnerships in Italy, Germany and Switzerland
  • Equipment Wash: Modern equipment wash for exterior and interior cleaning, both in-house and for third parties 


 ​In the first few years after its founding, STAG specialised in the regional transportation of construction materials including sand, cement, plaster, gravel, etc. as well as silo transportation.

With transportation contracts for major generating plant construction projects, the company experienced rapid growth in the 1960s – especially in the field of silo transportation.

Data and facts

STAG gradually entered the international long-haul silo transportation segment starting in 1980. At the same time, trucking was added as an additional supporting pillar with the takeover of Containerdienst Hämmerle. 

  • Founded: 1959
  • Registered office: 6700 Bludenz, Unterbings 12
  • Approximately 90 employees – 78 drivers, 4 garage specialists, 6 administrative staff 


  • Approximately 70 vehicles at this time
  • Long-haul silo transportation: Tilt silos between 40 and 63 m³
  • Short-haul silo transportation: Horizontal silos between 31 and 35 m³ - Multi-chamber trailers for construction sites 
  • Trucking vehicles: Swap body trailers, Trucking vehicles with tilt chassis for 20' and 30' containers, suitable for loading and unloading silo and tank containers.

Highly modern fleet 

Highly modern fleet with EURO 6 low-emission engines

​Equipment wash

Equipment wash with efficient water treatment and use of rainwater 

We are STAG

STAG transportation solutions are top-quality integrated packages tailored to individual customer requirements.

STAG Staubgut-Transport is part of our companies​

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