​Silo Transportation

STAG is the short-haul silo transportation partner for the cement and construction materials industry. This type of transportation ranges from individual orders to major contracts all over Europe. The total volume for long-haul silo transportation amounts to approximately 300,000 tons per year. 

Short-Haul Silo Transportation

On an annual basis, STAG transports approximately 350,000 tons of bulk construction materials and finished construction products such as cement, plaster, lime, sprayed concrete, aggregates and concrete additives for its customers in short-haul silo transportation alone.

Short-haul silo transportation covers western Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and southern Germany.​

Long-Haul Silo Transportation

The long-haul silo vehicles with a volume of 31m³ – 61 m³ are suitable for the transportation of various bulk goods and meet the special requirements of the respective customers.

STAG silos are used for the transportation of ground marble, PVC granulate, quartz sand, road salt, wood pellets and special binding agents as well as foodstuffs such as semolina, durum middlings and various feedstuffs over long distances.

International Transportation

STAG transports powdered materials, construction materials and foodstuffs on the routes between:

  • Italy
  • the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • and France

We are STAG

STAG transportation solutions are top-quality integrated packages tailored to individual customer requirements.

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